On the face of it, a blog site on scientific research supplies and equipment sounds cut and dried and purely academic in nature primarily for scientists looking for specific and technical information. In reality however, it is not so. Our blog site / has news, information, technical details and interesting snippets that will appeal both to the scientists involved in high level research as well as the common person.

Here is a snap shot of what our site is all about.

We have a team of writers who are well conversant with the intricacies of scientific devices and instruments. Further bloggers on our panel carry out in-depth research on innovations in this field and on the latest technological advancements being made around the world. Our readers therefore get to know firsthand about modern scientific research supplies and equipment.

Every blog posted on our site has the stamp of credibility and authenticity. This is because the contributors have professional expertise in their respective fields. We have scientists, technicians, IT administrators and instrumentation experts writing for us. Additionally, each blog is double checked by our expert team of editors to check the veracity of information contained in the blogs.

What can readers expect from our site? At / you will get blogs on varied topics, ranging from the history of scientific supplies and equipment to modern day inventions. We will go into innovations such as nano scale instruments that are changing the very face and techniques of surgical procedures. Our blogs will cover revolutionary scientific instruments like huge radio-telescopes placed deep in outer space to trace the origins of the Universe. Hence, there is something of interest for all, not only from an academic interest point of view but also to satiate the curiosity of the common person.

To make our site more broad based and interesting, we also invite guest bloggers to submit their write-ups on various topics related o our niche. Blogs should be original unpublished pieces and may be embedded with photographs and info-graphics to back up content. We will inform by email, once they are posted on our site.